MikeInBrazil presents Anny in video Two goals pt one
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Rating: 2.67
Tony and I were walking on the beach looking for girls when we ran into Anny and Gaby playing soccer. After some persuasion they came back with us back to our place. Anny was a redhead and Gaby was a blonde and they both had beautiful smiles. So, we were all playing soccer in our front yard and Gaby went to go take a shower, leaving us alone with Anny. Anny was not shy and was quick to take off her clothes and show us her hot perky tits and juicy ass. She bent over and got her wet pussy pumped as she bounced that sexy rump. She got stroked and received man juice all over her face. Then, we went to go find her friend, Gaby, taking a shower. She invited Anselmo to join and help her lather up. The shower got hot and steamy real quick. We decided to wait for her to come outside of the bathroom and resume the action there. Stay tuned next week for part two

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