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Merry XXX-Mas to all. We here at Money Talks would like to wish all of you a Happy Holidays with an amazing array of Holiday Season stunts. Everyone is all about getting that extra money for all that gift shopping we put off til the last day. Who knows how to give better than us huh, no one. Bobby from Wisconsin sent a letter to our North Pole with a special holiday request. He wanted to see the inside of a woman locker room. So we pay this random chick off the street to get equipped with a hidden camera and make his wish come true. Amazing. We then got our game show on with what we call Christmas Shock. 4 contestants choose from all sorts of wrapped up presents to get either hard cash or a crazy shock. Good TImes. That to getting a chick to get into a thong and wrap her up with lights for some spending money and even getting a guy to show us Santas sack is what this season is all about. Anything for a smile. Which leads us to Savannnah. We bump into her at an autoshop as she was having trouble with the bill. We thought it would be a great gesture to cover her bill for some holiday candy cane love. Billy was all about it and so was Savannah. Some shopping money made the scenario even more interesting. Her big round boobs and tight shaved pussy were fantastic. Let it snow, Let it snow. Happy Holidays and Happy New Years everyone. And to all a good nite.

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